Program "Being Bahiana for a day" welcomes students from Colégio Anglo-Brasileiro

Programming seeks to support the colleges' professional guidance work.


The program “Being Bahiana for a day” was visited by students from Colégio Anglo- Brasileiro, on April 13, at the Cabula Academic Unit. Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública.

The program seeks to support the colleges' professional guidance work, providing students with information about the courses offered by Bahiana and contact with the institution's academic environment.

Self remains Bahiana Anglo College        Self remains Bahiana Anglo College 13-04-15

A group of 27 students, accompanied by the coordinator of high school, Irene Tavares and the director of Colégio Anglo-Brasileiro, Débora Guimarães, attended the lectures given by the professor of the Medicine course, Carla Bastos. In addition, the students participated in activities carried out by the Academic League of First Aid, represented by the students: Sabrina Meira Araújo, Monique Vila-Nova Laudano – 6th semester; and Wilma das Neves Grunfeld – 8th semester.

The meeting was hosted by the pedagogue of the Pedagogical Supervision Nucleus of Bahiana, Marcia Assis, for the assistants of the Institutional Relationship Center, Queise Bahia and Mônica Carvalho, and the analyst of the Institutional Relationship Center, Júlia Macedo. 

At the end of the program, students took a guided tour of the anatomy laboratory at Bahiana, with the support of the embalmer Evaldo Jesus dos Santos.