Innovation / Partnerships

Innovation / Partnerships

Whoever develops an innovative solution can make use of Intellectual Property (IP) protection instruments, as well as tools for the defense of scientific and technological knowledge generated within the scope of teaching and research institutions.

Thus, IP rights holders can prevent third parties from using their products, processes and services without prior authorization.

This is an essential mechanism for Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) projects, even before the publication of the research results. This ensures exclusive rights in the use and future commercialization of the developed innovations.

In Partnership with Bahiana with all the support for the development of projects.

Anyone who has an innovative idea and needs support to develop it, has created an innovative product/process/service and would like to protect it, or still needs support to put an already developed product/process/service on the market, can join contact with the Technological Innovation Nucleus of Bahiana, establish a partnership and receive all the support you need to successfully complete your project. Click here to complete the Online Invention Notification.