Scientific and Technological Initiation

Scientific and Technological Initiation

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All undergraduate students at Bahiana who wish to enter the research area and develop scientific thinking can join the Scientific and Technological Initiation Programs.

Scientific and Technological Initiation Program
The Scientific and Technological Initiation Program linked to the Dean of Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, was created to encourage and accompany students in the process of scientific research and technological innovation, based on the Institutional Program for Scientific and Technological Initiation Scholarships (PIBICT) and the Voluntary Institutional Program for Scientific and Technological Initiation (PIVICT).

Among the objectives of the Scientific and Technological Initiation Program are:

  • stimulate the critical and investigative spirit of future health professionals;
  • awaken the scientific vocation and encourage potential talent among undergraduates;
  • provide theoretical and practical learning in the development of a scientific or technological research project;
  • contribute to the training of human resources, for research and innovation;
  • promote integration of undergraduate and graduate studies;
  • generate new knowledge in the academic sphere.

A Bahiana has three modalities of Scientific and Technological Initiation (IC/IT): 

  • CI/IT volunteer: The student will not receive financial remuneration, however, will enjoy all academic and scientific benefits related to the work, including evidential certification.
  • CI/IT scholarship holder: the student receives a funded scholarship, which may come from research funding sources and partner institutions, linked to research projects applied by professors or even granted by the institution's own scholarship policy.

Interested students enter, exclusively, by selection via public notice (scholarship) or call (volunteer), available here on our website, based on the requirements of funding agencies for conducting research.

  • IC High School: aimed at high school students in the state public network, it consists of projects developed by teachers from the Bahiana, through the concession of an institutional quota and CNPq. Currently, students are selected through a partnership between the institution and the Youth Center for Science and Culture (CJCC) of the Bahia Department of Education.

We also have the Virtual Space of the Scientific and Technological Initiation Program in the Virtual Learning Environment (AVA) of Bahiana. in this virtual room, students and professors linked to the Programs will have access to the general guidelines of IC/IT, in addition to information and clarifications regarding the academic procedures of the Scientific and Technological Initiation Program, with the advantage of the quality of the digital tools that are available in our institution .

Scientific Initiation Committee of Bahiana

The Scientific Initiation Committee of Bahiana, linked to the Dean of Research, Innovation and Stricto Sensu Graduate Studies, was created to participate in the selection processes of projects submitted to the PIBICT Scholarship Notices and to the PIVICT Voluntary Scientific Initiation Call, as well as in the annual activities of the Journey of Scientific and Technological Initiation. The IC Committee of Bahiana is coordinated by prof. Atson Fernandes, chaired by Professor Thaís Calasans and composed of professors from the institution, broken down by areas of knowledge in the field of health, according to the following presentation..


Maria Thais de Andrade Calasans

Luana Leandro Góis
Lucíola Maria Lopes Crisóstomo | Katia Nunes Sa
Maria Fernanda Rios Grassi | Iza Cristina Salles de Castro
Carolina Villa Nova Aguiar

Ciro Oliveira Queiroz

Cinthia Vila Nova Santana | Adriano Costa de Alcantara

Leila Brito de Queiroz Ribeiro | Francisco Xavier Paranhos Coêlho Simões
Alena Peixoto Medrado | Andrea Nobrega Cavalcanti

Maria Thais de Andrade Calasans | Max José Pimenta Lima

Gustavo Marcelino Siquara | Maria Constanca Velloso Cajado

Eulalia Silva dos Santos Pinheiro

Notices and Calls of the Institutional Scientific and Technological Initiation Program - PIBICT/PIVICT



Partial Technical Report
Final Technical Report


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