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XXVI Science with Acarajé

Registration 11/04/2021 to 20/10/2021

Event 21/10/2021


Baiana Bannersite Science With Acarajé Evolution of Pathogens 14

In another edition, the Science with Acarajé continues with its goal of providing a pleasant and relaxed environment to talk about science and share ideas.

Experience with us lectures by researchers and scholars on current and highly relevant topics in human health, the environment and in other areas of knowledge.

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  • Hour: 18h to 20h
  • Hours: 2 hours | Digital certification Bahiana
  • Target audience: students and professionals from all areas.
  • Coordination: Prof. Dr. Sidney Carlos de Jesus Santana – Tutor of PET Biomedicine (EBMSP).


Freshmen Reception 2023.2

Event 28/07/2023