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Use of Psychoactive Substances and Bioethics

Registration 22/09/2021 to 31/10/2021

Event 04/11/2021


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Use of Psychoactive Substances and Bioethics - Does your training enable you to care for people who use drugs? 

The course seeks to discuss contemporary issues related to the consumption and consumers of psychoactive substances, legal and illegal, in the context of an expanded clinic.

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  • Coordination: prof. Ma. Marlene Barreto and prof. Dr. Ricardo Araujo da Silva
  • Location: Zoom.
  • Hours: from 8am to 13pm.
  • Hours: 5 hours | Digital certification Bahiana
  • Target audience: community Bahiana and interested external audiences.


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Event 03/02/2023

Freshmen Reception 2023.2

Event 28/07/2023