Master's and Doctorate in Medicine and Human Health

Master's and Doctorate in Medicine and Human Health


The creation of the Master's and Doctorate Course in Medicine and Human Health (CPgMSH) is a consequence of the Curriculum Reconfiguration and Personnel Training process, which was consolidated in the Continuing Education Project of BAHIANA, started in 1999, and culminated in 2005 with the achievement of the maximum qualification concept by the MEC, in terms of physical structure, teaching staff and pedagogical project. The postgraduate program (master's and doctorate) in Medicine at EBMSP was initially recommended by CAPES as a Master's and Doctorate course in Internal Medicine (CPgMI), starting its activities in 2000. This course expanded its spectrum educational in 2005, becoming the Postgraduate Course in Medicine and Human Health (CPgMSH), with the purpose of training for teaching, research and assistance, not only doctors, but other researchers/professors in the health area. CAPES Concept - Quadrennium 2013/2014, 03 (three). Approved by the CNE (Port.MEC 656, DOU 22/05/2017, sec 1, p.85).

Why Master's and Doctorate in Medicine and Human Health na Bahiana?

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The current mission of CPgMSH of the Bahiana it is to prepare a multidisciplinary team for an integral approach to health in its biopsychosocial aspects.

The master's objective is to deepen technical, scientific and ethical knowledge in order to train human resources for the best exercise of research, teaching and assistance using the methodology of “problem-based learning” and the ability to “evaluate scientific evidence.

The doctorate aims to develop the ability to research with autonomy and originality and to add new knowledge.

Target Audience
Graduated professionals in the health field.


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