Continuing Studies

Continuing Studies

International Extension Programs

Continuing Studies

- Portuguese as a second language (PSL)

- Level 1 (basic)
- Level 2 (Intermediate)
- Level 3 (Advanced)

Some characteristics:
Portuguese as a Second Language (PSL) is a dynamic program with topics that are of students' interest and that provide a learning experience that had been naturally developed through arts, reading, writing, debates, field classes among other methodologies. students of PSL have the opportunity to live the Brazilian culture, with emphasis on the culture of the state of Bahia, getting to know the richness of the state's music, arts, popular parties and history. There is a placement test before the beginning of the course.

- Brotas Campus

Period of program:

- Level 1 - Basic (Intensive):
4 weeks - 16h/week (start: January and June)

- Level 2 - Intermediate (Extensive):
8 weeks - 9h/week (start: February and July)

- Level 3 - Advanced (Extensive):
8 weeks - 9h/week (start: February and July)