Human Research Ethics Committee - CEP

Human Research Ethics Committee - CEP

The Human Research Ethics Committee of Bahiana is a collegiate body, of a technical-scientific nature, linked to the School's Rectory Bahiana and CONEP, constituted under the terms of Resolution 466 of 12.12.12 and Operational Standard 001 of 11.09.2013, of the National Health Council. Its purpose is to analyze, from an ethical point of view, the research protocols to be developed in the courses of the institution and may, at the request of the National Research Ethics Commission (CONEP), analyze research protocols from other institutions that do not have a CEP.

Composition of CEP-Bahiana:

Prof. Dr. Roseny Santos Ferreira (physiotherapist)

Vice Coordination
Prof. MSc. Noilton Jorge Dias

Janieide Souza