Center for Evidence-Based Medicine - CMBE

Center for Evidence-Based Medicine - CMBE

Administrative Structure

We follow the philosophy of “less is more”, structuring the center under this same conception in a non-bureaucratic and simple way. The base of the Center is the Research Group on MBE, registered with the CNPQ. As a research group, we will be linked to the NUPI of the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, characterizing the Center as a science and innovation initiative.

We are also linked to the graduate program at Bahiana, with regard to the intellectual production and involvement of graduate students and medical undergraduate students, with regard to its academic aspect in the form of a discipline.

Personnel Structure

It corresponds to the structure of the research group, with a leader, vice-leader, researchers and graduate and undergraduate students. Employees are divided into teams, called cores, according to their functionality: teaching core, research core, extension core (courses and workshops, actions for the community) and publications core.

Internal Partnerships

  • O Brazilian Journal of Medicine and Human Health it is a synergistic action that will give more specificity and visibility to the Journal, while it will give consistency to the Center by having, in the institution, a newspaper dedicated to the subject. In this sense, the review editors will be important components of the MBE Center.
  • Postgraduate studies: the main focus will be on the new concentration area of ​​the Masters and Doctorate in Medicine and Health, in which we will have the discipline and research line Clinical Economics.
  • Choosing Wisely Research Group: is considered a sister group of the MBE Center.