By accessing the page of Platform Brazil, the responsible researcher, the assistant, as well as the members of the research team, must carry out the registration, being necessary to have a scanned copy of an identity document with photo to be submitted to the system (the format 'JPG' or 'PDF', with the resolution of 1000 DPI 2000PI).

Digitized images must be attached during registration. Failure to send the document causes the registration not to be carried out. It will also be necessary to send the researcher's curriculum vitae, in doc, docx, odt and pdf format – 2mb maximum, or the link to access the Lattes curriculum.

Check out some tips:

  • Em  Institution Name, just type “BAHIANA”. Several options will appear. The chosen institution must be the institution with CNPJ 13.927.934/0006-20, under the corporate name Fundação Bahiana for Science Development – ​​FUNDECI.
  • The field Add Institution it will only be filled out when the responsible researcher is not linked to the proposing institution. In this case, CONEP, within its own criteria, will forward the Research Protocol to another CEP. If there is a link, filling in this field will be important so that the cover sheet is completely filled out.

Remembering that the Research Protocol must be submitted through the profile of the responsible researcher and must not be submitted, under any circumstances, through the profile of the assistant researcher or member of the team. The latter must be linked to the research, through the profile of the responsible researcher, at the time of project submission.