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The Committee Bahiana Verde, created in 2017, is a deliberative instance of the EBMSP, composed of professors, managers and technicians from different areas of the institution, who carry out socio-environmental education projects and actions, based on the concept of integral health and collective health.

The Committee seeks to integrate the notion and principles of socio-environmental sustainability into the activities of the Bahiana, implementing initiatives to reduce its environmental impact in the world and still promote health.

Within the Bahiana Verde, two important institutional frameworks were created: the Manifesto Bahiana Verde (2018) and the Environmental Policy of Bahiana (2019), contextualizing and engaging students, teachers and employees in their actions.

In other initiatives, the committee has already carried out two campaigns to reduce the use of disposable cups in the institution; developed a program for the production and donation of organic compounds; placed signs about the species on the trees and shrubs on the campuses, in addition to being always present at academic and administrative events, raising awareness about human impacts on the environment.

O Bahiana Verde is an invitation to socio-environmental transformation and reflects the responsibility of all health and education professionals with the preservation of life.

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